The Ellinikon Experience Park

The Ellinikon Experience Park

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The Ellinikon Experience Park

The heart of The Ellinikon

An iconic destination

The Experience Park introduces the promise of The Ellinikon.

Built on the site of Athens’ historic airport and next to the three Air Force hangars, The Experience Park — designed by the architects doxiadis+ — is a unique place for everyone, offering something new for all visitors.

It signifies the initial green shoots of a much greater transformation. The Experience Park is the first piece of the Ellinikon Park and the public beginning of The Ellinikon.

The Ellinikon, planned by the world-renowned firm of Foster + Partners, is Europe’s greatest urban regeneration project — a multi-dimensional destination centered in one of the largest coastal parks in the world.

Upon full completion, The Ellinikon will have a total area of 6,200,000 sqm. The project will set new benchmarks for the future of Mediterranean coastal development — for integrated, sustainable living.

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An iconic destination

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This year you give your energy to the holiday season!

An unforgettable, interactive Christmas experience awaits you on December 9 at The Ellinikon Experience Park's spectacular lightning event.

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Park Rules

Park regulations

For the Park’s smooth operation, Users must behave with respect towards other Users, infrastructures, facilities and planted areas. Please comply with the following Park’s rules

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Questions & Answers

  • What is the Experience Park?

    The Experience Park is the first part of the Ellinikon Project to open to the public. It is a park of coexistence, both among people, and between people and nature. Covering 75 acres, the Park includes approximately 900 trees and 80,000 plants, 4 plazas, and lots of surprises!

  • Where is the Experience Park located?

    The site of the Experience Park is located 9.7 km south of central Athens at the Municipality of Hellinikon Argyroupolis and is owned by Hellinikon S.A.

  • Is there an entrance fee?

    The entrance at the Experience Park and the participation at the events are free of charge.

  • Is the park open all year round?

    The Experience Park operates all year around and the operating hours are Monday – Sunday: 9:00 – 22:00.

    The Forest Playground is open Monday – Sunday: 9:00 – 21:00.

    The Parking facilities have the same operating hours as the park.

  • How can I be informed about the Ellinikon Project?

    Please visit the official website of the Ellinikon for more information regarding the project.

Plan Your Visit
  • How can I get to the Experience Park / how can I access the Experience Park?

    The Experience Park is easily accessible by public transport and by car or bike.
    There are also car parking facilities available for the visitors.
    By public transport
    - We will add the link from the website when ready
    By Car
    - Find the route to the Experience Park (google maps pin)

  • Are pets allowed at the Experience Park?

    Pets can enter all the outdoor areas of the Experience Park, except for the playground, the fountain and the fitness area. They should always be accompanied by their owner, who must keep them under direct and constant supervision and clean up after them.

  • Is smoking allowed at the Experience Park?

    Smoking is forbidden in all the Park’s closed spaces and facilities without exception and is also forbidden in the Forest Playground and the Fitness Area. At the areas that smoking is allowed, the use of ashtrays is obligatory. The same provisions apply to e-cigarettes, e-vapour devices and electronic tobacco heating devices.

  • Is photo shooting / video shooting allowed at the Experience Park?

    Taking photos, recordings or videos is allowed in all Park Spaces, as long as it is done for personal use only, and in a respectful way towards the visitors, building architecture and surroundings. It is not allowed in the Forest Playground, restrooms, baby care, and first aid areas. Where photos, recordings or videos are taken, they must comply with the data protection regulations.

Amenities & Services
  • Can visitors buy food and beverages during their visit at the Park?

    F&B points are located around the park and offer a wide variety of tasty meals and refreshments.

  • Can visitors have access to a Wi-Fi network during their visit at the Park?

    Visitors can have free access to the park’s Wi-Fi network.

  • Is there a place to change diapers and breastfeed?

    There is a designated area for breastfeeding, as well as a baby changing room. Both are located at the WC area.

  • Is there a Lost and Found service?

    If an item has been found or handed in it will be passed to the Info Desk and will be kept there for one month.

  • Is the Experience Park accessible for people with disabilities?

    The Experience Park aims to be inclusive and welcomes all visitors. The Park can be accessed by visitors who have special needs such as mobility difficulties or other disabilities.

  • Are guide dogs and hearing dogs allowed at the Experience Park?

    Guide dogs and hearing dogs are welcome at the Experience Park.

  • Are there restrooms for people with disabilities?

    Wheelchair accessible restrooms are located at the WC area inside the Experience Park.

Career Opportunities
  • Are there any job opportunities at the Experience Park?

    We would like to thank you for your interest in working at the Experience Park. Please note that the Experience Park’s Management team does not keep a CV database. Kindly submit your CV for the available jobs to the platform you will find on the following link: