The Ellinikon Experience Park

The Ellinikon Experience Park hosts “Mikropolis Festival”

The Ellinikon Experience Park hosts “Mikropolis Festival”

Mikropolis Festival, the largest social awareness, knowledge and entertainment event for children and parents, is making its powerful comeback. This educational and interactive “microcosm” for children and adults comes to life at The Ellinikon, from the 12th to the 15th of October, in collaboration with The Ellinikon Experience Park.

Through experiential workshops, as well as inventive and interactive programmes, the Mikropolis will educate future citizens on environmental, social, and scientific topics.

Plaza A at The Ellinikon Experience Park will be transformed into an exciting space of experiences and entertainment, where children aged 6 – 17 will learn through games and experiential activities. The “small city” consists of 6 thematic “Neighbourhoods” that have been specifically designed, in collaboration with prestigious institutions.

The “e-Sports” Neighbourhood

Children and adults will be introduced to the world of e-Sports! They will learn more about the popular VR “techno sport” HADO and put everything they learn into practice, in the specially designed area at Mikropolis and in collaboration with HADO Greece & Cyprus.

The “Technology & Robotics” Neighbourhood

Children will discover the laws of physics, through exciting science workshops designed in collaboration with the non-profit organisation SciCo. They will also make their first steps in programming and create a” smart system” through participation at robotics workshops.

The “Nature” Neighbourhood

The experts of “The Bee Camp” organisation will introduce children to the wondrous world of bees and plants, through a novel environmental, educational experience. Meanwhile, through interactive games, the Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece “ARCHELON” will share ways in which they can support the Society’s important cause.

The “Architecture“ Neighbourhood

Arkki by AKTO | School of Architecture for Children and Youth and its team will organise creative educational workshops, in which children will discover how they can build paper cities or towers with candy and other unusual materials; they will also learn how to develop their 3D perception, mathematical thinking, and communication skills.

The “Dog Friend“ Neighbourhood

In collaboration with the non-profit organisation “Liberty Assistance & Guide Dogs”, which specialises in training guide dogs for people with total or partial vision loss, the young visitors of the Mikropolis Festival will have the opportunity to participate in a simulated “walk with guide dogs”. Through this experiential activity, they will gain an understanding of how dogs help people with impaired vision get around safely. In the same “Neighbourhood”, on Saturday the 14th and Sunday the 15th of October, visitors will have the opportunity to adopt one of the stray animals of the “Society for the Protection of Stray Animals-SPAZ”.

The “Road Safety Education“ Neighbourhood

The “Hellenic Research and Educational Institute for Road Safety, Prevention and Reduction of Traffic Accidents ‘Panos Mylonas’ – R.S.I.” has designed a series of experiential activities, to provide road safety and traffic education to children.

Other activities

“Dare to Dream” with Nikos Kaklamanakis

The beloved Greek windsurfer and Olympic gold medallist Nikos Kaklamanakis will motivate children to pursue their dreams, through a unique experiential journey. He will encourage them to balance on an actual board and through a simulator to learn about the equipment of the sailboard, which they will assemble with his help, while getting introduced to the principles of cooperation and teamwork.

“Musical Celebration” with The Burger Project

On Saturday the 14th and Sunday the 15th of October at 17.30, Mikropolis Festival will feature two unique performances by “The Burger Project”, who will present the interactive game-concert for the whole family, “Party Familia”. Through children’s songs, humorous lines and genuine interaction with the audience, the popular band will invite children to actively participate in a musical celebration with rhythmic, tuneful, and physical games, full of dancing and playfulness, which will captivate children and adults alike.

Operating Hours

  • Thursday 12 October,00 – 15.00: Scheduled visits for elementary schools from all over Greece, as part of educational excursions.
  • Friday 13 October, 15.00 – 19.00: Children, parents and escorts, scheduled visits of Children’s Institutions.
  • Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 October,00 – 19.00: Children, parents and escorts, scheduled visits of Children’s Institutions.


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  • Tickets will also be available at the entrance of Plaza A during the Mikropolis Festival

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